Bodie Troll Original Gn

Bodie Troll Original Gn

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Artist : Jay P. Fosgitt
Cover artist : Jay P. Fosgitt
Writer : Jay P. Fosgitt


Genre : Humor
Publisher : BOOM! STUDIOS

Written and illustrated by Jay Fosgitt (Rocket Raccoon & Groot), Bodie Troll is a rollicking fantasy adventure celebrating the importance of stalwart friendships and being true to oneself. Bodie Troll wants to be a fearsome creature, but in truth he's downright adorable. Alongside his Fairy Godmother and his best friend Cholly, Bodie is up for any challenge, from protecting the village from spellbound beasts to performing shape-changing theater. If he's lucky, he just might scare someone along the way. A massive original graphic novel, including all previously published Bodie Troll stories, for fans of all ages! "(W/A/CA) Jay P. Fosgitt"

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