Bobs Burgers Ongoing Tp Medium Rare

Bobs Burgers Ongoing Tp Medium Rare [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Robin Brigstocke
Cover artist : Frank Forte
Writer : Chad Brewster


Family : Movie/TV Tie-in
Genre : Humor
Publisher : D. E.

While Bob and Linda Belcher have their hands full running the family business, their kids Tina, Gene, and Louise have adventures that you won't believe! The producers, writers, and animators of the hit animated show Bob's Burgers proudly present all-original comic book stories, including hilarious installments of 'Louise's Unsolved Mysteries & Curious Curiosities', 'Tina's Erotic Friend Fiction', and 'Gene's Rhymey Rhymes That Could One Day Be Songs.' Whether it's Tina's daydreams of cloning back-up dancers or jungle misadventures, Louise's explorations of underground tunnels and time-stopping Wonder Wharf rides, Gene's lyrics that reimagine boring Aunt Gayle visits as epic journeys to fantasy worlds, the Belcher family hijinx are guaranteed to make you laugh! Collecting issues #1-5 of the ongoing series. "(W) Chad Brewster & Various (A) Robin Brigstocke & Various (CA) Frank Forte

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