Blue Exorcist Gn Vol 21

Blue Exorcist Gn Vol 21 [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Kazue Kato
Cover artist : Kazue Kato
Writer : Kazue Kato


Family : Manga
Genre : Fantasy
Publisher : VIZ MEDIA LLC

An attack on Tokyo by a huge demon that is visible to almost everyone marks the start of an unprecedented outbreak of demonic activity around the world. While the Knights of the True Cross and the Japanese government scramble to contain the damage, Lightning's investigation into the Illuminati has pushed the Knights of the True Cross-and Yukio-just a little too far. Now Yukio rushes to confront Mephisto, determined to hear the truth of the circumstances of his and Rin's birth. Yet Mephisto, aloof as always, still seems to be pulling everyone's strings. For Yukio and Rin, there will be no easy answers... For older teen audiences. "(W/A/CA) Kazue Kato

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