Blue Beetle Tp Vol 01 The More Things Change

Blue Beetle Tp Vol 01 The More Things Change [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Scott Kolins
Cover artist : Scott Kolins
Writer : Keith Giffen


Family : DC Universe
Genre : Superhero
Publisher : DC COMICS

Bonded to the Blue Beetle Scarab, teenager Jaime Reyes has no idea what he's doing with one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. But he's in luck, because his predecessor-Ted Kord-is back in the DC Universe, and he's going to serve as the young hero's mentor! Alongside fellow teen hero Doctor Fate, this duo will have to learn how to be heroes on the fly! Blue Beetle is back for a new generation as a part of DC Universe Rebirth! Collects BLUE BEETLE: REBIRTH #1, BLUE BEETLE #1-6. "(W) Keith Giffen, Scott Kolins (A/CA) Scott Kolins"

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