Blossoms In Autumn Gn

Blossoms In Autumn Gn

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Artist : Aimee De Jongh
Cover artist : Aimee De Jongh
Writer : Zidrou



Ulysses is a 59-year-old widower who, since retiring, has been in the grip of loneliness. The former moving man is without direction or purpose. He can't even find solace in the company of his children: his daughter is dead, his son consumed by work. Mrs. Solenza is a 62-year-old former model. Once a magazine cover star, she now runs the family business: a cheese shop owned by her late mother. She, too, is alone. Two lives drift sadly by, inching ever closer to old age. Until, one day, they collide, and an emotional earthquake happens. "(W) Zidrou (A/CA) Aimee De Jongh

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