Bettie Page Unbound #2 Cvr A Royle

Bettie Page Unbound #2 Cvr A Royle [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Julius Ohta
Cover artist : John Royle
Writer : David Avallone


Family : Movie/TV Tie-in
Genre : Action/Adventure
Publisher : DYNAMITE

A new dimensional shift finds our heroine with sharpened canines, an eye-catching monokini, and a taste for bloodbut if that's what it takes to stop the Great Old Ones from destroying our reality, pour her a Type O plasma on the rocks! The Crisis on Infinite Betties continues, and only our Pin-Up Protagonist can save the multiverse, in part two of the epic four-part saga from writer David Avallone (ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK) and artist Julius Ohta (SHERLOCK HOLMES.)"(W) David Avallone (A) Julius Ohta (CA) John Royle

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