Bera One Headed Troll Hc

Bera One Headed Troll Hc

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Artist : Eric Orchard
Cover artist : Eric Orchard
Writer : Eric Orchard


Family : For Young Readers
Genre : Fantasy
Publisher : :01 FIRST SECOND

Bera doesn't ask for much in life. She's a solitary, humble troll, tending her island pumpkin patch in cheerful isolation. She isn't looking for any trouble. But when trouble comes to find her, it comes in spades. A human baby has arrived in the realm of the trolls, and nobody knows where it came from, but Bera seems to be the only person who doesn't want it dead. There's nothing to it but to return the adorable little thing to its parents. Like it or not, Bera's gone and found herself a quest. From noted picture book illustrator and graphic novelist Eric Orchard comes a delightful new fantasy adventure with all the sweetness, spookiness, and satisfaction of your favorite childhood bedtime story."(W/A/CA) Eric Orchard

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