Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider Tp Vol 02 Deaths Sting

Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider Tp Vol 02 Deaths Sting [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Will Sliney
Cover artist : Mark Bagley
Writer : Peter David


Family : Spider-Man
Genre : Superhero

Out of the ashes of THE CLONE CONSPIRACY, Ben Reilly is alive once more - and he's retaken the mantle of the Scarlet Spider! But with enemies bearing down on him from every side, neither of those status quos might last too much longer! Ben is running out of options and running out of time! And it doesn't help that one of the people out for his blood is his spider-powered, web-slinging 'sibling' - Ben's fellow clone, Kaine! Can Ben run this latest gauntlet and emerge victorious, or will he lose his new lease on life? And when a mysterious new Hornet flies into Vegas, who's pulling his strings - and what's their connection to the Scarlet Spider? Collecting BEN REILLY: SCARLET SPIDER #6-9 AND SLINGERS (1998) #0. Rated T+ "(W) Peter David (A) Will Sliney (CA) Mark Bagley"

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