Bedtime For Batman Yr Picture Book

Bedtime For Batman Yr Picture Book

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Artist : Ethen Beavers
Cover artist : Ethen Beavers
Writer : Michael Dahl


Family : Batman
Gift guide : any and all toddlers
Staff pick : Colette

When a dark night comes to the big city, one little super hero prepares for a great adventure - bedtime! He dons his pajama uniform, speeds upstairs, cleans up the nightly grime, and keeps watch from his towering bunk bed. Written by award-winning author Michael Dahl (Goodnight Baseball, Goodnight Football, and Goodnight Hockey) and illustrated by Ethen Beavers (DC Super Friends), this bedtime tale will have Batman fans, young and old, delighting in their nightly routines. Bedtime for Batman is the perfect way to say goodnight to your little Dark Knight. (W) Michael Dahl (A/CA) Ethen Beavers

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