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BATTLING BOY FALL OF HOUSE OF WEST GN [ More from this series ]

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Artist : David Rubin
Cover artist : David Rubin
Writer : Paul Pope


Genre : For Young Readers
Genre : Superhero
Publisher : :01 FIRST SECOND
Aurora West is on the verge of solving the mystery of her mother's death, but it's hard keeping her efforts a secret from her grieving father, the legendary monster-hunter Haggard West. Between her school work and her hours training and hunting with her dad, Aurora is hard-pressed to find time to be a secret sleuth. But she's nothing if not persistent. What Aurora doesn't realize is that she's about to blow open a secret that may very well destroy what's left of her family - and, indeed, all of Arcopolis! "(W) Paul Pope, J T Petty (A/CA) David Rubin"

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