Battle Hymn Farewell To First Golden Age Tp

Battle Hymn Farewell To First Golden Age Tp

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Artist : Jeremy Haun
Cover artist : Jeremy Haun & Dave Bryant
Writer : B. Clay Moore


Family : Image Comic
Genre : Superhero
Publisher : IMAGE COMICS

It's 1944, and the first gathering of super-powered heroes may very well be the last. What happens when the government assembles a new breed of super-powered beings at the height of war? Who lives? Who dies? And what exactly does the government have planned for the 'heroes'? BATTLE HYMN: FAREWELL TO THE FIRST GOLDEN AGE answers these questions with this beautiful collection of the sold-out acclaimed miniseries. Also including original character designs and concepts, background information and much more!(W) B. Clay Moore (A) Jeremy Haun, Ande Parks

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