Battle Angel Alita Last Order Omnibus

Battle Angel Alita Last Order Omnibus

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Artist : Yukito Kishiro
Cover artist : Yukito Kishiro
Writer : Yukito Kishiro


Family : Manga
Genre : Fantasy

After years in the Scrapyard beneath the sky city of Tiphares, Alita ascends the orbital elevator into space, where she encounters twisted aliens, Martian warriors, an evil genius with four brains, a transdimensional warrior monk and more bizarre friends and foes in her fight to save her comrade Lou from the worst fate imaginable in this age of nanotech-powered immortality: permanent death. This omnibus includes three volumes of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order in an updated translation, plus 60 pages of short stories never before published in the United States."(W/A/CA) Yukito Kishiro

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