Barbarella Tp Vol 02 Hard Labor

Barbarella Tp Vol 02 Hard Labor [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Kenan Yarar
Cover artist : Marco D'Alfonso
Writer : Mike Carey


Genre : Science Fiction
Publisher : D. E.

Barbarella's never ending quest to repair her ship's regulator and be on her way takes a detour to Falladim, where there's a rush on for R.U.S.T.-Radically Unstable Space-Time! The rarest and most valuable stuff in the universe, even Barbarella can't resist its mighty call. But competition brings out the worst in humans and aliens alike, and the Siren of Space is about to see what the worst really is!"(W) Mike Carey (A) Kenan Yarar, Donny Hadiwidjaja (CA) Marco D'Alfonso

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