Bad Machinery Gn Vol 02 Case Of Good Boy

Bad Machinery Gn Vol 02 Case Of Good Boy [ More from this series ]

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Artist : John Allison
Cover artist : John Allison
Writer : John Allison


Publisher : ONI PRESS INC.

Everyone's favorite preteen British detectives are back for another case! With toddlers disappearing and rumors of a large, beast-like creature roaming the woods, Tackleford is in serious danger. And then there's Mildred's new dog Archibald... if you can even call it a dog. After all, what kind of dog drinks tea out of a cup? Everything comes to a head once the boys get a picture of the beast and Archibald goes missing. Is there a connection? And what does it all have to do with the magic pencil Mildred won from a carnie con game? Don't miss the second installment of John Allison's award-winning webcomic series in print! (W/A/CA) John Allison

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