Backstagers Illus Hc Novel Vol 02 Theatre Of Ancients

Backstagers Illus HC Novel Vol 02 Theatre of Ancients [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Rian Sygh
Cover artist : Rian Sygh
Writer : Andy Mientus


Genre : Action/Adventure
Genre : lgbtq
Publisher : AMULET BOOKS

Based on the show-stopping graphic novels from BOOM! Studios, the Backstagers return for more paranormal theater adventures! After all the backstage ghost drama during Phantasm, things are quiet for the Backstagers of the St. Genesius School Drama Club. Too quiet. But when that quiet is filled by a mysterious voice that haunts the Backstagers day and night, they set off on a globetrotting adventure to discover the ancient secrets of the legendary artifacts of the theater. Can they solve the mystery in time to open their production of the rock musical Tammy? Effortlessly inclusive and full of adventure, The Backstagers and the Theater of the Ancients is sure to have readers calling, 'Encore!'"(W) Andy Mientus (A/CA) Rian Sygh

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