Archie's Pal Jughead Annual #2 - 7.5 - $125.00

Archie's Pal Jughead Annual #2 - 7.5 - $125.00


Approximate grade : 7.5
Publisher : Archie
Series code : BI18838
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Archie's Pal Jughead Annual 1953

Glossy cover, sharp corners. Really nice copy. Smells slightly musty.

The drama group decides to put on a play about a man from Mars.

Jughead goes to the doctor because he doesn't feel well.

Jughead tries to sell Mr. Weatherbee some hair tonic.

Jughead gets out of a test by pretending to sleepwalk in school.

Jughead is spending some time alone with Midge.

Souphead has a rabbit to help him with math.

Midge's new sweater gets caught on a nail.

Veronica gives Jughead two dollars to pick up a specific shampoo, but instead he buys a bargain shampoo.

Jughead isn't working because of sickness.

Souphead is running away from home, by going around the block.

Midge demands that Moose let her see other boys and when he refuses she kisses Jughead.

The Riverdale High football team has to deal with a tough opponent who head butts players in the stomach.

Mr. Lodge invites Archie and Jughead into the woods to go moose hunting.

The class is supposed to take a teacher to lunch and Jughead is assigned to take Mr. Weatherbee.

Jughead disguises himself as a businessman to attend the Lodge fancy dinner.

Jughead is going around school barefoot.

Jughead, carrying a totem pole for good luck, rents it to Reggie.

Archie is laughing that Jughead has aunt Eda at his house and Reggie thinks he means an anteater.

Jughead and Souphead watch a knife-throwing act.

Mr. Lodge is upset at Jughead so he tries to buy a golf club Mr. Lodge wants.

Jughead offers to pay off the two bucks he owes Reggie with theater tickets, but Reggie wants cold cash.

Jughead discovers Moose trying to learn to dance and Moose forces Jughead to help him learn.

Jughead gets a job as a golf caddy.

Reggie handcuffs Jughead and Midge together.

Mr. Weatherbee tells Jughead that he has to confine his eating to lunch time.

Jughead asks Betty to go to a costume party.

Miss Grundy has to go to the library and appoints Jughead as class custodian.

Miss Grundy tests the kids on their art knowledge.

Jughead has a date with both Betty and Veronica.

Jughead visits the doctor because his stomach hurts.

Archie needs to buy twelve stakes, but Jughead thinks he means steaks.

Jughead gets a job at a hat shop.

Souphead thinks Jughead is better than his friend's cousin.

Ted shows Penny the great things he got selling White Cloverine.

  • - Religion in American Life stickers.
  • - Three crossword puzzles.
  • - Designs by Kathanell Marie Luse, and Betty Jean DeMoss.
  • Forbitten Fruit - Archie and Jughead walk past an Arrow Grad Shirts storefront; Arrow was an advertiser in Archie Comics at the time.
  • - Back cover.

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