American Born Chinese Sc New Ptg

American Born Chinese Sc New Ptg

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Artist : Gene Luen Yang
Cover artist : Gene Luen Yang
Writer : Gene Luen Yang


Genre : Reality-Based
Publisher : :01 FIRST SECOND

Jin Wang is the only Chinese-American student at his new school. Jocks and bullies pick on him constantly; then he falls in love with an all-American girl. Adored by his subjects, master of the arts of kung-fu, the Monkey King is the most powerful monkey on earth. But the Monkey King doesn't want to be a monkey; he wants to be hailed as a god. Danny is a basketball player, a popular kid at school, but every year his cousin Chin-Kee comes to visit, and every year Danny has to transfer to a new school to escape the shame. These three apparently unrelated tales come together with an unexpected twist, in a modern fable that is hilarious, poignant, and action-packed. "(W/A/CA) Gene Luen Yang"

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