Altered History Of Willow Sparks Gn

Altered History Of Willow Sparks Gn

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Artist : Tara O'Connor
Cover artist : Tara O'Connor
Writer : Tara O'Connor


Genre : Fantasy
Publisher : ONI PRESS INC.

What happens when you can finally get everything you ever wanted? Willow Sparks and her best friend Georgia Pratt are at the bottom of the social ladder at Twin Pines High School, just trying to get through each day relatively unscathed. But when Willow finds a mysterious book that allows her to literally change her life, it feels like her luck is finally turning. As she becomes more and more popular with each entry into the book, her old life, including her friendship with Georgia, seems miles away. Yet as Willow will discover, every action has a reaction, and the future has unusual - even dangerous - ways of protecting itself."(W/A/CA) Tara O'Connor

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