Alone (G13) Gn

Alone (G13) Gn

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Artist : Christophe Chaboute
Cover artist : Christophe Chaboute
Writer : Christophe Chaboute


Publisher : G13

Every week a boat leaves supplies on a tiny lighthouse island, only to have them later consumed by an unseen man, a figure mythological in his continual absence. Who is this person, living fifty years on that rock? Why does he never leave? Why does he never make himself seen? What is it like to be so alone? When a new boatman, understanding hardship himself, starts to ask those very questions, a chain of events unfolds that will change the lonely lighthouse resident's life forever. Filled with stunning visuals of a rich interior life, Alone a tale of one solitary man looking for connection, teaching us something about the human experience and the world as a whole."(W/A/CA) Christophe Chaboute

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