All Quiet On Western Front Gn

All Quiet On Western Front Gn

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Artist : Wayne Vansant
Cover artist : Wayne Vansant
Writer : Wayne Vansant



Caught up by a romantic sense of patriotism and encouraged to enlist by authority figures who would not risk their lives to do the same, Paul B umer and his classmates join the fighting in the trenches of the Western Front. He is soon disenchanted by the constant bombardments and ruthless struggle to survive. Through years in battle, Paul and those he serves with become men defined by the violence around them, desperate to stay as decent as they can while growing more and more distant from the society for which they are fighting. Hailed by many as the greatest war novel of all time, Erich Maria Remarque's masterpiece, All Quiet on the Western Front, is an elegant statement on a generation of men destroyed by war."(W/A/CA) Wayne Vansant

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