Aliens Omnibus Tp Vol 04

Aliens Omnibus Tp Vol 04 [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Tim Hamilton
Cover artist : Kilian Plunkett
Writer : Chet Williamson


Family : Aliens
Genre : Science Fiction

Like sports, the victor is he who wants it more. Unlike sports, the loser earns extinction. Mankind has fought for survival over countless millennia, but nothing has threatened humanity's existence like the murderous Alien scourge. While some have tried to use the creatures' deadly abilities to serve their own selfish ends, no one can dance with the devil, and ultimately only one species must prevail. To that end, men have turned their own lethal instincts and cold intellect against the monsters, creating engineered plagues, cybernetic fighting suits, and even bogus android aliens, but survival rides not on technology, but on the primacy of the most deep-rooted, feral instincts. Nearly four hundred story pages in full color, some never before collected! Creators include horror novelist Chet Williamson, as well as John Arcudi, Doug Mahnke, Jon Wagner, Ronnie del Carmen, and many more! "(W) Chet Williamson & Various (A) Tim Hamilton & Various (CA) Kilian Plunkett

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