Adventure Time How To Warrior Hc

Adventure Time How To Warrior Hc

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Artist : Zachary Sterling
Cover artist : Zachary Sterling
Writer : Christopher Hastings


Family : Cartoon Network
Genre : Humor

Do you dream of going on an adventure but find yourself standing in your living room in a suit of armor with no idea what to do next? Unsure of which fighting moves to use against the hordes of bad guys attacking your town? Did you purchase the Smock of Invisibility but suspect that it's actually a regular smock and everyone is just ignoring you? If so, thank globness you've picked up this handy adventure manual, written by professional adventurers Fionna the Human and Cake the Cat. Whether you're an experienced traveler looking to brush up on the latest adventuring techniques or a newcomer starting out with only a rucksack and a wooden sword, How to Warrior by Fionna and Cake has something for you! (W) Christopher Hastings (A/CA) Zachary Sterling

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