The X-Men 1963 #37 - 4.0 - $29.00

The X-Men 1963 #37 - 4.0 - $29.00


Approximate grade : 4.0
Inventory location : .......4
Series code : BI1576
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : The X-Men 1963

On-sale date from 1967 Periodicals, Copyright Office, Library of Congress.

  • The X-Men on Trial for Treason Against Homo Superior! - Giacoia inks, Romita alterations and possible Verpoorten redrawing on Iceman per Nick Caputo. Paste-ups can be detected per the original art: Steve Whitaker and Bob Ford originally credited Heck on inks. Rich Donnelly originally credited Jack Kirby on layouts and Carl Gafford credited Ross Andru on pencils and Heck on inks.
  • Welcome to the Wonderful World of Marvel Madness! - Items; Stan's Soapbox!; The Mighty Marvel Checklist; Let's Meet 26 More M.M.M.S. Members!
  • - Letters from: George Zachar, Thomas Hafer, Mike Davis, Donald Sampson, Peter Sanderson, Jr., Calvin Warren Demmon, and John Sulak; M.M.M.S. membership form.

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