The X-Men 1963 #134 Direct ed. - 5.0 - $35.00

The X-Men 1963 #134 Direct ed. - 5.0 - $35.00


Approximate grade : 5.0
Inventory location : .......4
Series code : BI1576
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : The X-Men 1963

The on-sale date is the publication date reported in the U. S. Copyright Office filing. ? 1980 Marvel Comics Group.

  • - Inside front cover. Ad for shoes.
  • - Includes a Marvel checklist and a promo for Moon Knight.
  • The Trap - Ad for Hostess Twinkies.
  • - Letters of comment from Keith L. Partain, Joel D. Cochin, and Todd "Yes-it's-me-The Kid" Benedict. Includes promo for Marvel Premiere #54.
  • - Olympic Sales Club, Inc. ad.
  • The Dingo Kids Meet O.J. Simpson - Inside back cover. Ad for Dingo boots.
  • - Back cover. Ad for Star Trek model kits.

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