The Uncanny X-Men 1981 #156 Newsstand ed. - reader copy - $15.00

The Uncanny X-Men 1981 #156 Newsstand ed. - reader copy - $15.00


Approximate grade : reader
Publisher : Marvel
Series code : BI2605
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : The Uncanny X-Men 1981

Colossus is close to death as the police show up to arrest the X-Men for the destruction of the IBM building. The Starjammers arrive and whisk the X-Men out of their current mess. Sikorsky heals Colossus. Captured by Deathbird, Xavier is reunited with Lilandra but starts having creepy Brood dreams. Corsair tells Cyclops the story of how he survived the plane crash that orphaned Scott and Alex. The X-Men and Starjammers invade the living Brood ship and rescue Xavier and Lilandra but can't contact Chancellor Araki to tell him not to invade Earth.

  • - Includes letters from Camille Holser, Neil Brown, Deborah Calverty, Arthur Wong and Arthur Wong's suggestion for a new look for Sprite.
  • Statement of Ownership - Statement of Ownership average number of copies in preceding 12 months: 414,436.

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