The Transformers 1984 #25 Direct ed. - back issue - $16.00

The Transformers 1984 #25 Direct ed. - back issue - $16.00


Approximate grade : back issue
Inventory location : .......4
Series code : BI2898
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : The Transformers 1984

On-sale date from Amazing Heroes #104. Daryl Edelman is credited on the letters page only. Don Daley is credited on both the story sequence and the letters page.

  • Gone But Not Forgotten! - Last appearance for Megatron for a while; Prime returns in #40 via 'Battleworld'.
  • - Column, Checklist.
  • - Letters from Neil Esiason, Miguel Marolt, Reuben J. Andrews, Barry Craig, Chris Key, Mike Mulak, and Supin Ko.

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