Swamp Thing 1972 #2 - 5.5 - $25.00

Swamp Thing 1972 #2 - 5.5 - $25.00


Approximate grade : 5.5
Publisher : DC
Series code : BI2034
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Swamp Thing 1972

On-sale date from Comic Reader #89. Cover date: January.

  • - Colorist credits from the letters page of Swamp Thing (DC, 1972 series) #4.
  • On Safari, a Boy Learns to Act Like a Man - Ad for Daisy?s Safari Mark I B-B Gun. Color and sepia tone ad on inside front cover.
  • The Man Who Wanted Forever - Colors credits from the letters page of Swamp Thing (DC, 1972 series) #4; letters credit from the letters page of Swamp Thing (DC, 1972 series) #5.
  • What Does This Champion Have in Common?With You? - Between pages 6-7 of story.
  • These 3 Big Drafting Kits Given to You! - Between pages 8-9 of story.
  • Enter the Wonderful World of Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys - Below previous Drafting Kits ad.
  • The Adventures of Corgi Boy - Ad for various automobile replicas such as Mercedes Benz C111 and Porsche Targa 911s. Between pages 12-13 of story.
  • Wind-Tunnel Tested! - Comic strip ad for SSP (Super Sonic Power) Racers from Kenner. Between pages 19-20 of story.
  • 7 Foot Monster - Ad for various novelty items. Between pages 21-22 of story.
  • - Comments from fans Art Stampler, Wallace Foote and Michele Kreps who were visiting the DC offices and who were snared to read the first issue, as regular letters still hadn't arrived. Includes an editorial discussing how the Swamp Thing comic is produced.
  • The Insult That Made a Man Out of 'Mac' - Inside back cover. Comic strip and ad for Charles Atlas' "How Dynamic-Tension Makes You A New Man" book.
  • 4 Ways to Get the A/FX Racing Set You Want for Christmas. - Back cover.

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