Strange Tales 1951 #165 - 5.0 - $18.00

Strange Tales 1951 #165 - 5.0 - $18.00


Approximate grade : 5.0
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Series code : BI824
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Strange Tales 1951

On-sale date from 1968 Periodicals, Copyright Office, Library of Congress.

  • Behold the Savage Sky! - Part 7 of 9. The use of a 2-page spread on pages 2-3 was later adapted by Mike Grell on a regular basis in his comics. The Sky Dragon would reappear in MARVEL TWO-IN ONE #51 (May 1979). It's been debated by some fans whether The Claw seen at the beginning of this episode was the same one who beat up Fury & escaped at the end! In the introduction to Marvel Masterworks: Nick Fury Agent of Shield Volume 2 Steranko says he took over the color chores with Strange Tales # 165.
  • Face Front! Hang Loose! 'Nuff Said! - Items, Stan's Soapbox, The Mighty Marvel Checklist, Let's Meet 26 More M.M.M.S. Members!
  • The Mystic and the Machine! - Part 19 of 22; part 2 of Yandroth sequence. Robot called "Voltorr" on last page of this episode, but "Voltorg" in next episode. Considering George Tuska (a "Golden Age" artist) penciled the next episode, it's questionable whether Voltorg was designed by Adkins or Tuska, as it's a rather clunky-looking robot, which not only seems out-of-place in this series, but at Marvel in the 60's in general! Voltorr/Voltorg was swiped from the cover of the science-fiction digest Amazing Stories v.39 #6 (June 1965) by Adkins; the robot's pose in the last page of this story is a direct swipe from this cover. [Note by Chris Boyko 11 Jan 2017]
  • - Letters of comment from Jeff Meier; Ron Sidwell; F. Cancemi, R. Panken, E. Berg, P. Christiansen, and K. Hueur; and Ronnie Lightburn. Also includes two panel reproductions from a previous issue.

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