Strange Tales 1951 #126 - 6.5 - $83.00

Strange Tales 1951 #126 - 6.5 - $83.00


Approximate grade : 6.5
Inventory location : .......4
Series code : BI824
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Strange Tales 1951

On-sale date from 1964 Periodicals, Copyright Office, Library of Congress.

  • Pawns of the Deadly Duo! - Mad Thinker & Puppet Master last seen in FANTASTIC FOUR #28 (July 1964). Mad Thinker's next appearance in STRANGE TALES #131 (April 1965); Puppet Master's next appearance in STRANGE TALES #133 (June 1965).
  • - First letters section with letters from John Cirkoth, Joe Schifino, Michael Martin, Benjamin Burenstein, Richard Davison, Dave Wilson, Paul Brackley. Includes Special Announcements Section.
  • The Domain of the Dread Dormammu! - Episode #15. Part 1 of 2. First continued story in the series, the culmination of things that have been building almost from the beginning. First appearance of Dormammu and Clea (who eventually became Dr. Strange's romantic lead).

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