Marvel Movie Showcase 1982 #1 - 7.0 - $20.00

Marvel Movie Showcase 1982 #1 - 7.0 - $20.00


Approximate grade : 7.0
Series code : BI2659
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Marvel Movie Showcase 1982

Reprint of Star Wars (Marvel, 1977 series) #1-3 (July-September 1977).

  • Star Wars - Part one of the movie adaptation. Includes scenes with Biggs Darklighter on Tatooine that were cut from the original script.
  • Six Against the Galaxy - Part two of movie adaptation. Light Saber mispelled as Lightsabre in this chapter. Due to scene being cut from film due to budget and technology, Jabba The Hutt is incorrectly drawn and name mispelled as Jabba The Hut. George Lucas had not yet Designed Jabba, so Chaykin used a random passerby alien for reference, which in later years became known as Jabba's accountant and someone who posed as him.
  • Death Star! - Part three of movie adaptation.
  • - The Hype Box, The Mighty Marvel Checklist.

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