Limited Collectors' Edition 1972 #C-25 - 8.5 - $35.00

Limited Collectors' Edition 1972 #C-25 - 8.5 - $35.00


Approximate grade : 8.5
Series code : BI2100
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Limited Collectors' Edition 1972

On-sale date from Comic Reader #103.

  • - Colors credit provided by Anthony Tollin. Cover is similar to, but not reprinted from, page 21 of "The Joker's Five-Way Revenge!" from Batman #251.
  • - Inside front cover.
  • The Case of the Joker's Crime Circus! - Inker credit verified by Robinson; background inker credit verified by Roussos.
  • The Case Batman Failed to Solve!!! - Writer credit revised and verified by Martin O'Hearn. Art credits confirmed by Robinson. Letterer credit confirmed by Roussos.
  • The Mayors of Yonville! - Art credits confirmed by Sprang. Letterer credit confirmed by Roussos.
  • Hate of the Hooded Hangman! - Story in two parts of 5.67 and 7.67 pages.
  • How to Draw Batman - Pencils sketches of Batman and Robin.
  • Ghost of the Killer Skies! - "A tribute to the great Joe Kubert & Robert Kanigher"
  • Batman on the Screen - Inside back cover. Photos from the 1943 serial and the 1960's television show.
  • Batman - back cover

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