Limited Collectors' Edition 1972 #C-23 - 8.5 - $39.00

Limited Collectors' Edition 1972 #C-23 - 8.5 - $39.00


Approximate grade : 8.5
Series code : BI2100
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Limited Collectors' Edition 1972

On-sale date from Comic Reader #100.

  • Do You Dare Enter... the House of Mystery - Color credits provided by Anthony Tollin.
  • The House of Mystery - Inside front cover contents page with border art and indicia information at bottom of page.
  • Lucky Wheel - A monster presents a board game.
  • - Three single panel gags: A snake charmer's snake attacks a tourist. A scuba diver sees someone sawing a hole in the bottom of the sea. A diner catches a glimpse of the cook.
  • - Three vertical panel gags: A man on a desert island is hit by the rescue food dropped by parachute to him. A man dives off of a high dock to find he is headed for a mine. A man digging for subway construction finds a red demon with a pitch fork.
  • Roll the Lucky Dice! - A monster presents a cut-out for a pair of dice.
  • - A monster presents a board game.
  • Mysteriously Yours - Cain and Gregory - Central pinup printed sideways. Signature dated 1973.
  • - Two single panel gags: A fencer's opponent is wearing the clothes of a musketeer. A diver photographs a gangster tied up with his feet in a bucket of cement.
  • - Three single panel gags: A man about to be beheaded is giving his executioner a hot foot. A funeral procession finds a cow in the grave. Cub Scouts are laughing around a campfire because their leader was scarred by an owl.
  • - Four single panel gags: A coffin maker discovers a vampire in one of his coffins. A man carrying a doomsday sign is hit by a car. A man pretending to be blind is distracted by a girl and is heading for an open manhole. The leader paints a bulls eye target on a man in front of the firing squad.
  • Behind the Scenes at the House of Mystery - Inside back cover all in mini-portraits. Haney, Wrightson, Post, Adams, Kane, Oleck, Toth, Skeates, Aragones and Orlando appear in photographs. Sparling, Kanigher and Friedrich appear in caricatures.
  • Cain and His Gargoyle - Cut-out table-top diorama on back cover.

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