Incredible Hulk (1968)  #104 cover

Incredible Hulk (1968) #104


Approximate grade : 5.0
Genre : superhero
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Incredible Hulk (1968) back issues
Incredible Hulk #104
Ring Around the Rhino!
The Rhino, finally out of prison after his last battle with Spider-Man, is contacted by the men who originally gave him his costume and they offer to give him a new suit with more power. Banner is in prison at Sing-Sing and as Ross is transferring him to a new location, the Rhino attacks and battle ensues. The Hulk is groggy from being sedated but still manages to beat the Rhino to (apparent) death. Looking for love in all the wrong places, the Hulk grabs Betty from her father and takes off.

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