Giant-Size Conan 1974 #1 - 8.5 - $19.00

Giant-Size Conan 1974 #1 - 8.5 - $19.00


Approximate grade : 8.5
Inventory location : .......4
Series code : BI2165
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Giant-Size Conan 1974

On-sale date from Comic Reader (Street Enterprises, 1973 series) #107, June 1974.

  • The Hour of The Dragon - Dragon added by John Romita. Info per Nick Caputo, October 2012.
  • The Hour of the Dragon - Adapted from Robert E. Howard's novel _Hour of the Dragon_ (also known as _Conan the Conquerer_), Part 1
  • Marvel Bullpen Bulletins: Mighty Marvel Becomes Electrified, Hyborianized, and Ape-ified! [September 1974]; Stan Lee's Soapbox - Stan Lee talks about Spidey appearing on The Electric Company television show. Promo for The Planet of the Apes adaptation.
  • Acheron: A Revisionary Theory - Originally published in The Howard Collector, 1971. Intro by Roy Thomas.
  • The High Point of the Empire of Acheron - Circa 13,000 B.C. - - Map of Acheron (circa 13,000 B.C.)
  • Conan the Unconquered - Roy Thomas discusses the genesis of Giant-Size Conan and how he and Gil Kane adapted the story to comics.
  • The Twilight of the Grim Grey God! - coloring credits from text page

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