Doctor Strange 1968 #179 - 5.0 - $30.00

Doctor Strange 1968 #179 - 5.0 - $30.00


Approximate grade : 5.0
Inventory location : .......4
Series code : BI1863
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Doctor Strange 1968

On-sale date from 1969 Periodicals, Copyright Office, Library of Congress.

  • The Wondrous World of Doctor Strange! - Possible Grainger inks per Nick Caputo, June 2012.
  • - Inside front cover. Ad for the "007" Twister from Joe Weider.
  • - Ad for booklet telling you how to play the piano, accordion, or guitar. Located between story pages 3 and 4.
  • - Promo for inflatable Spider-Man and Thor plastic pillows. $1.50 each plus 15 cents postage. Also Marvel super-hero t-shirts featuring Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Thor, and the Hulk. $2.00 each including postage. And The Merry Marvel Marching Society Membership Kit for $1.00. Two mail-in coupons: Marvel Comics Group (Dept. PP or Dept. AJ) 625 Madison Ave., N.Y.C., N.Y 10022.. Located between story pages 6 and 7.
  • - Between story pages 6 and 7.
  • - Ad, with response coupon, from Grit Publishing Co. located between story pages 9 and 10, on top half of page.
  • - Between story pages 9 and 10, on lower half of page.
  • Missile Tank - Located between story pages 15 and 16, on top half of page.
  • - Three small ads on lower half of page, between story pages 15 and 16.
  • Shop by Mail - Various thumbnail advertisements for various products including stamps, novelties and comic books, located between story pages 18 and 19.
  • - Includes: Stan's Soapbox; Items; The Mighty Marvel Checklist
  • - Occupies top half of page.
  • - Occupies lower half of page.
  • - Letters Of Comment from Donald F. McGregor, Roy Ellis, Martin Levin, F. James Mohl, A/C Robert L. McAuley, Jr., Rich Shanklin, and Arthur Metz; includes Know Ye These, the Hallowed Ranks of Marveldom.
  • - On top portion of page.
  • - House ad for Marvel Super-Heroes (Marvel, 1967 series) #19 featuring Ka-Zar, on lower portion of page.
  • - Inside back cover. Ad to earn money by selling greeting cards.
  • - Back cover. Ad for the Famous Artists School.

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