Batman: The Killing Joke 1988 #[nn] First Printing - 9.4 - $40.00

Batman: The Killing Joke 1988 #[nn] First Printing - 9.4 - $40.00


Approximate grade : 9.4
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Series code : BI3571
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Batman: The Killing Joke 1988

The on-sale date reflects the publication date as reported in the U. S. Copyright Office filing. It matches the shipping date listed in Direct Currents #2 (February 1988). Comic has been through 14 printings. Most can be identified by the color of the lettering on the title and cufflink. cover price for following is 3.50 USD 1st printing is neon green 2nd printing is pink cover price for following is 4.95 USD 3rd printing is dark yellow 4th printing is light orange 5th printing is dark blue 6th printing is dark orange 7th printing is light yellow 8th printing is light blue 9th printing is red 10th printing is yellow and cufflink is dark yellow 11th printing is yellow and cufflink is dark yellow 12th printing is yellow and cufflink is light yellow cover price for following is 5.95 USD and there is an "!" after the word "SMILE" 13th printing is yellow and cufflink is white 14th printing is dark green and cufflink is white New printing: October 28, 2009.

  • Batman: The Killing Joke - The endpapers (which include credits and publishing information) are close ups of the raindrops from the first and last panel of the story. Story tells a comprehensive origin of the Joker based on the story "The Man Behind the Red Hood" from Detective Comics (DC, 1937 series) #168. This story is still considered controversial over two decades after its publication, mostly due to the crippling of Barbara Gordon (which was not revealed to be permanent until subsequent issues of Suicide Squad where she first appeared as the wheelchair bound Oracle), but there is a clear indication that creators Moore and Bolland originally intended this to be a non-continuity "final" Batman vs. Joker story when Bolland strongly insinuates in the afterward printed in Batman: The Killing Joke Special Edition (DC, 2008 series) #[nn] that Batman kills the Joker "off camera" in the last three panels of the story. The "joke" is a gag that can be traced back in the comics of DC at least as far as Mutt & Jeff (DC, 1939 series) #6 (Fall, 1942) in which Mutt suggests that Jeff climb up a spotlight beam. Jeff refuses, worried that the spotlight will be turned off and he'll fall. Possibly not the first or only time the joke's been told.
  • Back Cover - Back cover shows a playing card featuring Joker on the top and Batman on the bottom.

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