Vampire Tales 1973 #4 - CGC 9.0 - $90.00

Vampire Tales 1973 #4 - CGC 9.0 - $90.00


Cgc grade : CGC 9.0
Inventory location : .......4
Series code : BI2132
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Vampire Tales 1973

On-sale date from Comic Reader (Street Enterprises, 1973 series) #103, January - February 1974. No issue number on cover.

  • Stan Lee Presents Vampire Tales - Shows credits, table of contents and indicia, includes a still from an undetermined movie.
  • - Uses still from undetermined film to introduce "Lighthouse of the Possessed".
  • - Letters from: Duane Hanson, Scott Olsen, Steven Scheibner, John Drake, Brian Earl Brown, Lee Cooley and Gary Alan Asperberg; Readers' Poll.
  • - Uses still of undetermined film to introduce "Somewhere Waits the Vampire".
  • Somewhere Waits the Vampire - Pages 3 and 4 are reversed.
  • - Uses still of from from undetermined film to introduce "A Vampire's Home Is His Castle".
  • Crazy Magazine Big Issue #3 - Now On Sale! - Promotional advertisement for Crazy Magazine #3. Includes stories featuring the Walnuts, Plain High Drifter, Last Tangle in Paris, Soiled Green, Hot-Rods of the Gods, Mooses Through History, If Nixon Has His Own Comic Strip and Rock 'n' Rollin's Stone.
  • - Uses still of from from undetermined film to introduce "The Vampire's Coffin!".
  • The Drifting Snow - Adapted from August Derleth's short story.
  • Lilith: The First Vampire - Lilith is the legendary first wife of Adam and first vampire(ss).

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