Fantastic Four 1961 #55 Regular Edition - CGC 8.0 - $375.00

Fantastic Four 1961 #55 Regular Edition - CGC 8.0 - $375.00


Cgc grade : CGC 8.0
Series code : BI1482
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Fantastic Four 1961

On-sale date from 1966 Periodicals, Copyright Office, Library of Congress.

  • - Inside front cover. Ad for a catalog of surplus goods.
  • - Between story pages 4 and 5. Promos for Thor Annual (Marvel, 1966 series) #2, Marvel Super-Heroes (Marvel, 1966 series) #1, and Marvel Collectors' Item Classics (Marvel. 1965 series) #5 using reprints of their covers and advertised as ?now on sale.?
  • Treasure Chest of Fun - Between story pages 4 and 5.
  • - Between story pages 8 and 9.
  • - Between story pages 13 and 14, on top half of page.
  • Start Your Own Business! - Ad for electronic appliance repair training from Christy Trades School, Inc. located between story pages 13 and 14 on lower half of page.
  • Stamps; Shop by Mail - On top half of page between story pages 16 and 17.
  • Fellows! Here's A Swell Way To Make Lots of Money and Win Prizes Too! - Ad for Grit newspaper sales from Grit Publishing Co. Appears between pages 16 and 17 of story on lower half of page.
  • Shop by Mail; Stamps - Between story pages 16 and 17.
  • - Located on top half of page.
  • Now You Can Join! - Ad for Turbonique super-speed equipment for engines. Appears on lower half of page.
  • - Includes: Items; The Mighty Marvel Checklist
  • It's Clobberin' Time!! - House ad for Marvel merchandise including sweaters, a t-shirt, a stationery kit and a pin-up.
  • - Letters from Greg Spisak, Hans Schaper, Ken Greene, James D. Pecot, Philip Normand, Sanford Meschkow, Darryl Miller, Alan Finn. Includes a membership form for the M.M.M.S.
  • - Ad for plastic toy soldiers.
  • - Inside back cover. Ad for fishing equipment.
  • - Back cover. Ad to sell greeting cards to earn money.

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