The Twilight Zone 1962 #33 - back issue - $3.00

The Twilight Zone 1962 #33 - back issue - $3.00


Approximate grade : back issue
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Series code : BI1541
Stock type : Back Issue
Title : The Twilight Zone 1962

Cover code: 10016-006. Circulation statement reads 212,000 average, 218,000 latest issue.

  • - credit from Alberto Becattini
  • The Bounty Hunters - Cover story
  • Club News - Gold Key Comics Guide/Checklist for April 1972 and short Spring comics line-up and featuring a merry mix of fun and adventure.
  • Reader's Page - Animals - Fan art from Cathy Steigerwald, Lincoln Brown, Jewell Ann McDavid, Vikki Morgan, and Stanley Fong.
  • Reader's Page - Airplanes - Fan art from Chet Van Aken, Mark Beavers, John Tanski, Nirajan Sigh, and Bob Malik.
  • Jokes On You - Fan submitted jokes and riddles from Juanita Lorenzana, Justine Nichols, Elise Lundeby, Scott Anderson, Miechelle Cagle, Mary E. Strand, Rita St. Peter, Brian Cole, David Rifkind, Ronda Johnson, Kristine Scheet, Kelly Hayden, Timmy Bessler, Beth Elmore, Jaynee Clark, Barbara Gimmy, Tommy M. Lennon, Lisa Gaddy, Robert Innocenti, and Jeanne Uges.

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