Dracula Lives 1973 #6 - back issue - $14.00

Dracula Lives 1973 #6 - back issue - $14.00


Approximate grade : back issue
Publisher : Marvel
Series code : BI2118
Stock type : Back Issue
Title : Dracula Lives 1973

On-sale date from Comic Reader (Street Enterprises, 1973 series) #104, March 1974.

  • - Still from a Dracula movie
  • - includes letters from George Bauch, Timothy K. Johnson, Brent Siewert, Brian Earl Brown, Susan Umpleby, M.J. Porter and William J. Ortiz
  • Yes, Virginia, There is a Real Dracula (Undead and Well in Wallachia) - includes six movie stills
  • Dracula Has Risen from the Grave - Review of the movie "Dracula Has Risen from the Grave" with five stills from the movie
  • - Still from a Dracula movie
  • Chapter II - Into the Spider's Web - Second part of the adaptation of Stoker's original novel 'Dracula'.

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